2021 Product Updates

2.5.0 (Dec 31, 2021)

Peter Wen
Peter Wen

It's our last release of 2021 and we've got a lot to catch you up on!

Most importantly, Tallyfor is ready for 2021!


Tax categories are ready for 2021 across all tax products: Drake, CCH Axcess, Lacerte, UltraTax.

Tallybot has been turned off for the non-deductible meals adjustment.


We continue to improve our reports, a well-loved feature.

We've broken out Schedule K and Form 8825 to their own report tab. These reports are also downloadable to Excel. Having them as separate reports moves our reports closer to the flow of a return and will speed up review times. The great things about these reports, is that they won't show up unless you've categorized something on those forms. This reduces complexity and keeps you focused.

Moving from other Trial Balance products

If you are coming from another product, we make it really easy to move over to Tallyfor.

  • Regroup
  • CCH Financial Prep
  • QBO Accountant Tools
  • More coming on request!

    FreshBooks Integration

    Keep an eye on FreshBooks as they continue to expand their product. We already have a great integration! Don't let taxes stand in the way of serving all your clients.

    Real Estate (Schedule E and Form 8825)

    Tax practices that focus on real estate will love the direction we are headed.

    AppFolio import (beta)

    If you'd like to learn how to import multiple properties on form 8825, schedule a meeting with us.

    Book a Tallyfor Demo - Real Estate

    Schedule C

    Let's automate Schedule C! Tallyfor is not just for business returns. Let's automate your Schedule C workflow as well. We can now directly import a QuickBooks Self Employed report and automatically assign the right tax category.

    Other Improvements

    We now smart assign account numbers to a QuickBooks Desktop import if account numbers are not used. This rationalizes things under the hood.

    Better error messaging on Excel import.

    Auto categorization. We've started to automate the categorization of tax categories.

    SmartyStreets lookup. Get your client address right!